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Therapy on your time,
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Home based therapies centered around you.

Radius Therapy is a locally owned and operated Outpatient Therapy company serving the Kansas City Metro area since 2019.  Providing Outpatient Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies in the most important environment,

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Senior Physiotherapy
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Physical therapy

Using the latest treatments, Physical Therapy can reduce pain and improve or restore mobility.  Teaching home safety, increasing fitness levels and endurance, along with balance training to decrease the risk of falling and increasing independence could be goals with Physical Therapy.

Occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy can maximize independence and quality of life by focusing treatment on activities of daily living, both in the home or community based environments. An Occupational Therapist would have goals to identify and improve strengths, weaknesses, capability and cognitive function.

Speech therapy

Some goals a Speech Language Pathologist would have for a client could include strengthening swallowing muscles and proper diet texture to decrease risks of choking and aspiration, improve vocal quality and articulation through throat and mouth exercises and focus on cognitive communication including functional recall, word finding, thought organization, and problem solving for safety

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